Batter Up

I spend more time thinking about at-bat songs than the average person (who probably spends no time, so no great shock here). While I don’t particularly like baseball, I find myself talking about the music players choose as their at-bat song on a regular basis. And I’m pretty sure no one else ever brings it up, so that means I’m the instigator. Though in my own defense, the conversation usually gets interesting, so I don’t feel too bad (or I just have really nice friends who humor me).

Several years ago at a baseball game, one of the players walked up to bat to Phil Collins, and I was horrified. I love me some Phil and Genesis, but there is not an intimidating song from that entire collection. I was horrified someone let that nice man do that to himself and immediately decided I needed to be an at-bat song consultant. I remain convinced that would be a badass job.

At this moment, I’m using Nicki Minaj’s “I’m the Best” as my at-bat song. I can easily listen to this on repeat for an embarrassingly long time and sing it at the top of my lungs on the way into work. (I drive, for those of you who were afraid I may take the Metro.) Music is incredibly important to me, and I don’t claim to be any sort of critic worth anything other than does the music make me happy and want to start a dance party. Music is amazingly powerful. And personal. So with that, I challenge you to find your at-bat music — what speaks to you and makes you want to take on the haters? On the treadmill, on the way to work, or when you need just a little lift.

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