About Us

GoodfortheSoul_FINAL_croppedHelping you lead with authenticity – whether it’s your organization, your team or your career, we’re Good for the Soul.

Our purpose is to empower people to lead the best version of their lives both at work and at home. Being strong partners, team members and leaders is just a bit easier when all the right tools are at your fingertips, and you have a network that supports you while you’re supporting others. And let’s be honest – we need to have a little more fun as we take care of business and each other.

How do we do this? Our facilitation and project management services can help your organization build collaborative and productive teams through honest conversations, clear accountability, and shared goals, all while creating an enjoyable environment that brings out the best in people. Our coaching services can help you reach your goals at any point in your career journey, whether you’re planning long term, need a little guidance and perspective on a particular issue, or simply need to know someone has your back as you tackle a new challenge. We focus on the choices we have, finding solutions to problems and celebrating the joy in every day. It is too easy to forget how to have fun and enjoy our work and those around us. When we have clarity of expectation at work and at home, we’re free to worry less, accomplish more and just enjoy.


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